11th of July 2020 at 13:00, A solo recital of song, at Holy Trinity, Coventry Lunchtime Concert Series.

31st August 2020 at 13:10, A solo recital of song, pianist David Hammond, at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh Lunchtime Concert Series.

5th of September 2020 at 12:30, A solo recital of song, Pianist Matthew Collins, at St John the Baptist, Newcastle Lunchtime Concert Series.

15th of October 2020, A solo recital of song, pianist Matthew Collins, at the Howden Minster Lunchtime Concert Series.

21st of November 2020 at 19:30, Baritone Soloist in Brahms' Requiem at St Peter's Church, Ruddington  with Ruddington & District Choral Society.

5th of December 2020 at 19:30, Bass Soloist in Schubert Mass in Bb at St Lawrence's Church, Ludlow  with Ludlow Choral Society.